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Our Classes Are Fun, 

Affordable and Worthwhile.

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All workshops are taught by Sandra unless otherwise noted and held at Artisan Knitworks. We ask that, for all classes (except stash-busters), all yarn originate with Artisan Knitworks.


Learn Continental Knitting with Nick - - 9/30, 10/21, 11/11 and 12/2

Want to switch from English to Continental Knitting? Learn with Nick! He’s fabulous. Bring a big ball of good-quality yarn and appropriate needles. If you run out of time, he can help you further in his Wednesday night knit-together! 25.00


Mad Hatter: Make Your First Hat on Circular Needles! -- Oct. 7, 6-9:00

Specially designed for beginners who have never knitted in the round: Here is how to make everyone a holiday gift without spending a fortune, even if you have not knitted much. We will give you a copy of our Mad Hatter pattern, which permits you to make hats of the cloche style in many different sizes and from a huge array of yarns, with varying stitch patterns and decorations. You can even use up stash. Bring an array of yarns in EITHER animal or vegetable fibers; synthetics will mix with either kind. I’d like to see you make a hat from two yarns knitted together, so bring leftovers with at least 100 yards each. You then will need a 16-inch circular needle appropriate to the resulting yarns and double-pointed needles in the same size. $25


Working with Triangles: Make an Orkney Vest Oct 10, 17, 24, 11:30-2:00

(Bring your bag lunch!)

Make your own Orkney vest in 4.5 sts, 3.5 sts, or 2.5 stitches to the inch, using long-color-run yarns (see suggestions in the cowl and hat workshop above). You will get a free pattern! In advance of class, make a swatch about 4 inches square on appropriate needles. Advanced beginners or intermediate knitters can do this; you just have to know how to knit and purl, decrease, pick up stitches. $45.00


You Don’t Have to Start at the Hem: Knit a Side-to-Side Cardi from Stash

October 14 and 21, 6-8:30 pm

You can make a cardigan (or pullover) from leftover yarns - - lots of different yarns mixed with a single strand that continues throughout, or two (or 3) strands knitted together throughout. You can even do it with one yarn, but it’s not as much fun. We will make swatches, determine a working gauge, take measurements, make a pattern from cuff to cuff, and start the garment. Don’t miss this one. Bring an array of needles and a pile of possible yarns - - about 2 pounds in all if using only stash. Or just bring a bunch of yarn into the shop in advance (Sat or Sun afternoons) and I will help you find something that works with it. We may have to add a third session  - - no added cost. We’ll see. $35


Sally's Melville’s Universal Vest Knit-Along

October 23, 30 and November 6. 6 - - 8:30 pm

Something truly fun from Sally. The pattern is on Ravelry (we can downloaded for you, if you like). There are things to learn - short rows, some important points about directional knitting, maybe some talk about fibers and drape. This vest has some similarities with the Einstein Coat (from The Knit Stitch)—all done in garter with slip-stitch edges. But there are significant differences: the vest has short rows (for back shaping, of which you can see evidence in side and back views), and it has no seaming … but lots of fun! $30


Spit ‘N Polish (Finishing) -- November 13, 20 & Dec. 4 6-8:30 pm

Both knitters and crocheters need to know how to transform handcrafted pieces into polished garments or accessories. Nothing matters more. And it’s fun. You will learn how to block and how to make tidy seams, borders, buttonholes, last-minute pockets, I-cord trims, and much more. Bring 4 swatches in animal fiber yarns, worsted or DK weight, 4 inches square; leave two on the needles with yarn attached, bind off the other two. Bring additional yarn in more than one color with appropriate needles, and needles one size smaller, plus a metal tapestry needle, scissors, and measuring tape. $45


Working with Triangles -- Make a Cowl and Matching Hat

Jan. 6, 13, 6:00-8:30 pm

Make a jacket (or poncho or pullover or kids sweater or s hopping tote, or pockets on a solid sweater - - and so on) from log-cabin knitted squares. Do it with stash! These are incredibly addictive. Bring 8-12 balls of yarns of roughly the same weight, preferably DK or worsted or Aran, in different colors and textures; we will choose a base yarn to make it all work. You also can dig into Sandra’s stash for additional materials. Bring appropriate needles and a crochet hook of the same shank size. $45


Working with Triangles

Make a Cowl and Matching Hat

Jan. 6, 13, 6:00-8:30 pm

We will make a scarf and turban-style hat (or standard cloche hat) from any of the worsted or Aran weight long-color-run variegated yarns in the shop. This is a wonderful way to learn the many things that can be done with right-angle triangles without risking huge sums of money!!! Choose a yarn in advance and an appropriate circular needle, 16-inch, for both hat and scarf. We recommend Schoppelwolle’s yarns, Noro Silk Garden or Taiyo, Plymouth Gina, Classic Elite Liberty Wool, and similar yarns. Yarns with short color runs work, too, but are more subtle; e.g., Trendsetter Strata or Ascot. $35


Looking Toward Spring:

Crocheted (and Knitted) Flowers

Jan. 15, 6:00-9:00 pm

This class is for advanced beginner and intermediate crocheters; there will be a handful of knitted flowers as well for those who can’t do basic crochet stitches (we can teach you in advance during a knit-together). We will give you a big, fat handout with lots of flower possibilities; we’ll begin with a big cabbage rose and the puffy bloom shown on two crocheted hats in the shop. This is a great stash buster. You can decorate the yokes of garments, hat brims, slippers, packages, brooches, etc. We supply pin backs. Bring leftover yarn in different colors and textures, and appropriate hooks (needles).$25.00


Design a Basic Sweater for Men or Women

Jan 27, Feb 3, 10, 6-8:30

Let this be the moment you finally liberate yourself from sweater patterns that don’t fit! You can easily alter any pattern you ever find to fit perfectly. You can also draft a simple cardigan, vest, pullover, or coat and knit it with confidence - - and, of course, it will fit. Bring 1/4 inch graph paper (available for free on the internet - - just Google for Free Graph Paper), erasable pen or pencil, patterns that you like almost but not entirely, and an idea for a sweater. If you have a yarn in mind, bring it, and make a swatch with needles that yield a nice fabric. But maybe you should let us help you pick a yarn, once you have a garment in mind and have charted out a pattern for a man or woman. He last period will include attention to individual designs so that you can get a good start. $45


If you want to do something else, just tell us - - we will organize a class.